Today, through tears, I watched this. To help me understand, to help guide me, to light the road ahead. This documentary is powerfully made, through the eyes of the trauma response from within, to help guide and heal others. Thank you. From one survivor, and caregiver to another, thank you.. what a powerful video. ♥️ -Ngaire

This brought me to tears in a beautiful way. I'm only at the beginning of my journey of healing from trauma but I know that my soul chose this. I know that my soul needed this so that I can reach my highest potential and I really believe I can. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story and art. -Basie

So glad I stumbled upon this. So much love and care has gone into this work, as a social worker and having experienced parental covert narcissistic abuse myself this documentary covered so many things for me. Subscribed and look forward to hearing more! -Viv

Yemi Penn Documentary.JPG

I attended Yemi's Vision Board Workshop in London in January. I genuinely loved the time to reflect on my life and goals. Yemi created a relaxed but inspiring atmosphere with her honesty, enthusiasm, and encouragement. It allowed me to start my year feeling really inspired to pursue my version of happiness and fulfillment, which was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Yemi. I'm excited to work with you again! 

April 8, 2018. -Adanna 

Thank you, Yemi, though short, your documentary is deep, thought-provoking, cathartic, and hope-inducing. -Cheryl

Thank you so much for making this a conversation. Bridging together the trauma (specifically childhood sexual abuse) and the spiritual journey. I have been on my own personal journey with this and can attest it is a deeply vulnerable, extremely raw-to-the-emotions awareness when you heal the personal experience from the space of your spiritual essence. It's not overnight, there's much to it, but it is so imperative to understand it all from our spiritual, past life, karmic release for our present/future life, and healing. Much love to you and success with this.  -Desiree 

 My most significant learning from this week was the effect of fear on every individual's lives. The class's discussion with Yemi Penn about the role of fear in determining our actions, beliefs and more importantly, inactions really resonated with my own experiences. I would often feel a lack of autonomy in life, regardless of how great the consequences were of my actions. Now, after considering Yemi's thought-provoking questions “What is your biggest fear?" and "What is the worst that could happen?" especially when reflecting upon indecisive moments, I see how caged in I was by my fear. When the notion of regret was also discussed, I empathize with the idea that most people regret the actions that didn't take rather than those they took but failed at. Some of the most joyful and fulfilling experiences of my life (such as starting a basketball team with my friends) seem like unimpactful decisions in hindsight, yet the regrets I have had have always been about "What if?". As someone who has been at rock-bottom before, Yemi's experiences really showed through her words, even if they were never directly mentioned, which made it all the more relatable.