Following the 'Did I Choose My Trauma?' documentary release, we would love for you to share your story with us. Acknowledging what we went through so we can honour our pain, but also look at the opportunities for growth. We want to open up the conversation around trauma even wider and invite more people to lean in and help transmute their pain into power.

Format Guidelines:

  • Video should be under 3 minutes long

  • Video should be taken in landscape

  • Try to have bright lighting so we can see your profile clearly


Submission Guidelines: (See video above for example)

  • Introduce yourself

  • Describe an incident in your life that you feel has held you back

  • Share it with compassion. Try and give yourself as much love as possible!

  • Answer the question, if there was anything you would learn from that traumatic incident, what would it be?

  • Submit your video to the email address below via WeTransfer, Dropbox or Vimeo 

Email your submission to