Sawubona in the African Zulu tribe means ‘I see you, you are important to me and I value you’, the response to such a wonderful greeting is ‘Ngikhona’ which means I am here to be seen.

I first came across this greeting a couple of years ago when I heard this thick North English accent say ‘Sawubona’, he proceeded to tell me what it meant and to be honest I got a little emotional.

I truly believe we all want to be seen and heard to some degree and now more than ever humanity needs to raise its vibration on equality and equity.

Sawubona App was born to connect minority groups to services and products they wouldn’t easily get in high street shops. The first derivative of the application looks to highlight the rich diversity and culture of hair and make up in the Afro-Carribean, African American, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

This application empowers small and medium enterprises to be seen on a world wide platform, inviting larger corporations to have a seat at the table through authentic collaboration with a dedication to equity.


The Sawubona app allows the stylist to register their services and products, loading pictures to showcase their offering. Future features will support a chat functionality, bookings via calendar including a pay gateway. This provides a level of security for the service provider and the client.

The app will have a live / instant booking feature because Lord knows I decide to get my hair done with 4hours notice and so this feature will save lives!

The intent is that you can search worldwide for a service and book in real time.