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A Different World

My teenage daughter suggested I watch this thing called Squid Game

Now, my daughter knows me pretty well. She is the longest uninterrupted relationship I’ve had to date so she knows what I entertain and what I don’t.

As I am squeamish, she gave me a heads up.

So let’s get straight into it……

What the actual?

I binged the season in 2 days and was mad that the writer didn’t give me more hope at the end.

'Hope' that this ‘spot on’ depiction of life as we know it might actually give us a way out.

Although we are not all (some are) shot senselessly for breaking the rules or losing, the majority of us are suffering in life. In my opinion as a result of a system that was not designed by us, for us but miraculously has been built by us….hmmmm….let that sink in for a minute.

I then got guided (purely by FB ads) to watch Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix show.

I loved his honestly, his jokes has definitely been turned down but believe he went ‘all the way’. His comedic yet truthful (his truth) words got me thinking.

The ‘cancel culture’......regardless of its origins, I am of the view that if you have been marginalised for any reason in society, we come together and not tear each other down.

My trauma ain’t bigger than yours and nor is yours bigger than mine. However, it is important we clean it without killing souls in the process.

And then I got to listening to ‘think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill

Sweet baby Jesus! If that ain’t a dick fest book, I don’t know what is. Don’t get me wrong, the content is gold and if you are a feminist, hold tight because the chosen words could trigger you something rotten. How the fuck women got convinced to be the most revered helper really intrigues me! !

So here are a few things I know for sure right now:

- the majority of the world population were born into and therefore without true understanding signed up to the current world order, which within it has multiple systems. We have mirrored what success looks like even if it means becoming slave masters and/or murderers.


Let’s just say there was a great awakening (I think that’s happening now) and you knew better, you can change the systems and therefore the world order but as in Squid game it will take the majority. Not all, just the majority. So start with self and dream of a world that feels evolved, then start to take action.

- A woman should only take a man’s marital name if she wants to and oh, if he is a feminist

I’m tired of writing and thinking so imma see y’all in a hot minute.

Peace and blessings

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