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Do you feel like you haven’t reached your full potential? Do you feel lost, unsure of your next steps or like you have failed in some grand test of life?


Don’t worry, you are not alone and  … it’s okay to F*ck Up.


At this pivotal event, Yemi challenges the notion of how life should be lived and the sacred ‘memo’ that most of us have bought into without questioning.


This memo suggests that in order to be successful you need to:


  • have that fulfilling 9-5 career,

  • a loyal, supportive partner that makes life sweet,

  • 2.4 well behaved, healthy kids,

  • a beautiful two-story home with a pool in the suburbs,

  • a healthy retirement fund that sees you comfortably till the supposed end of time.





From that single mother surviving off government benefits to the senior executive who wanted more, to the high-flying career woman who has more to give but questions the viability of having kids, to anybody and everybody who is hungry for change.... this event is for them.


Yemi Penn abolishes the idea that this memo is the only way to go, or define success. Through her incredible personal stories of struggle and overcoming failure to owning three businesses and living a life of freedom and purpose, Yemi shares her valuable tools and mindset hacks to get you out of that rut and on your path to personal and professional success.


By reflecting on the elements in your life that may be holding you back, and utilizing powerful transformational techniques, this event will help you shift your way of thinking and leave you feeling empowered and motivated to change your life.


Due to growing concerns that coronavirus is inflicting worldwide, we unfortunately have decided to postpone the "Did You Get The Memo?' Book Tour. This is not a cancellation but a postponement. All tickets bought for this date will be valid for the rescheduled date, however if required, a refund can be sought now from the original point of purchase. 

We will see you soon and continue to spread the message of love and empowerment.

Love and Light,
Yemi x