Did You Get The Memo?


Has your life taken an unexpected sidestep? Have you encountered a life hump which no-one gave you the instruction booklet for? Are you a budding entrepreneur who is on the edge of daring to be great but life keeps getting in the way?


Then Did You Get the Memo? Because I Fu*cking Didn’t! is a must read! Yemi introduces and challenges, the notion on how life is to be lived. This sacred memo that most of us have bought into without questioning.

Did you get the memo that life will be laid out in that order with all the resources available to you? Because Yemi sure as hell f*king didn’t! In this book, Yemi shares some parts of her journey and how media, peer pressure, traditional views impacted her thinking because she didn’t conform to “The Memo”.


Yemi approaches the book by sharing intimate and poignant parts of her life that show her trying to follow the memo, catastrophically deviating from it, beating herself up when she did and then having the bravery to face the fear, tackle conformity and challenge convention.


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